Foragers Stoneware Berry Bowl by Carla Murdoch Ceramics / Parsnip Glaze


Stoneware berry bowl or colander to collect and wash your berries or to be used on the cheese board with grapes. A beautifully made object in their own right, these would look lovely displayed on a shelf too.

Parsnip White satin glaze

13cm x 6cm


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I’m very excited to welcome Carla Murdoch to the Homeward family adding much loveliness to our pottery collection with these covetable, pottery berry bowls.
Yes, they have a function for collecting and washing your summer fruits, they would also be useful and look lovely on a cheese board holding grapes; they are though, simply an exquisitely made and beautiful object thrown on the potters wheel.  I could easily have one displayed on a shelf to admire amongst all my other precious things. We have limited numbers of this size in store. Perfect gifts for pottery lovers, allotment growers, foodies etc.

Parsnip white satin glaze

13cm x 6cm high