For the last 10 years Vicky Putler & Theo Sykes have run printed textile company, Thorody. They hand printed their own designs onto high quality linen for interiors.Thorody’s signature style of fabric design used delicate, hand-drawn and slightly wobbly lines to create patterns of subtle complexity and have been a constant favourite of Homeward over the years. We are huge fans of their work and ethos and have used their cloth to reupholster many a vintage chair at Homeward. Thorody’s move to Plymouth and their ‘Field of Flax’ project launched in 2020 has developed further and is now the inspirational Flax Project.The ultimate aim is to reintroduce commercial flax and high quality linen production through The Flax Project to South West UK, find innovative solutions to the problem of pollution and environmental damage and provide jobs for the local economy, linking rural areas with towns in Cornwall and the city of Plymouth. Flax for linen is no longer grown commercially in the UK and Thorody bought most of their linen from Belgium where the flax is grown within 20 miles of the mill. They know that there is a market for UK grown flax and believe Britain could have its own flax industry again.