RCA graduate Lydia Hardwick makes beautiful handmade ceramics, including patterned plates, pots, vases and decorative ceramic wall pieces from her home studio in Essex.

An inventive and intuitive maker, she has an innate understanding of her material and we love seeing how she plays with different processes and techniques as she constantly explores its possibilities.

Her work is a response to the objects, crafts and textiles that are often found in indigenous communities and she translates the patterns and motifs found there into almost textile-like art forms in exhilarating and surprising colour combinations and decoration.

It was her lampshade that first brought Lydia’s work to our attention, which was a collaboration and exhibition with architect collective Assemble on their 2015 Turner Prize winning project with Granby Workshops.
We find Lydia’s work really exhilarating – she combines an inlay technique similar to collage with clay and intricate sgraffito with bold mark making and slip painting.