Jim Green makes functional pieces of stoneware pottery, paying particular attention to line, shape and colour, as well how they might be handled or used. All his work is thrown, turned and glazed by hand in small batches from his studio in Bristol.

Inspired by studio pottery of the 1960s and 70s, Scandinavian makers like Soholm and Lovemose and classic British household ware like Hornsea and Denby, there is a lovely familiarity about Jim’s work. I grew up with Purbeck Pottery tableware at home so naturally it’s an absolute pleasure to include his work. We are big fans of stoneware’s earthy, tactile nature and combining that with Jim’s coloured dipped bands of glaze and simple shapes, means we are smitten with this ever-changing collection of mugs, beakers, bowls and vases. It’s a modern rustic aesthetic that fits in very nicely with the Homeward collection.

*Jim is taking a break from his pottery for the time being. We hope he gets more time and space to get back into it in 2023