Clare studied woven textile design at Central St Martins and later studied for an MA in Textiles at UCA Farnham.. Clare works in a studio at her home near Fordingbridge, which is a small town on the borders of Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. She feels it a privilege to have The New Forest National Park on her doorstep, which is a never ending source of inspiration. Clare likes to use natural fibres including wool, linen and cotton. Wherever possible she sources local and UK produced materials or ‘end of line’ yarns. Her most recent rugs are made with a cotton cloth weft – discarded cotton cloth dyed and cut into strips, sewn end to end and then woven through the warp. This is a traditional Swedish technique that has been used for generations and is the original prime example of making use and recycling. Clare’s take on traditional ‘Rag rugs’ is entirely modern.

Each of Clare’s pieces is conceived on a sampling loom where she explores combinations of colour, texture and structure before setting up a warp on her large rug loom. Her main focus is on quality. Above all, Clare wants her pieces to stand the test of time and to be suitable for ‘the everyday’.

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